Payson Printer Makes House Calls


Rim Country Printery makes house calls these days.

Owner Nicole Mion brings her business to her customers -- whether it be in their homes or businesses.


Nicole Mion and her daughter, Katie, own and operate Rim Country Printery.

Rim Country Printery has been passed from owner to owner over the years, finally ending up in Mion's hands in 1996.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Mion moved to Payson from Kansas after buying the business.

"I love Arizona," she said. "The East Coast is full of people and humid. There are pretty places to see, but it's beautiful out here, anywhere you go."

Initially, Mion operated the business out of storefronts on the Beeline Highway and Main Street. But she recently eliminated much of her overhead costs by moving the business into her home.

She does the graphic design work from her home office and sends it to her business partner in the Valley for printing.

Despite the distance, Rim Country Printery still manages a fast turnaround time, Mion said. "On average it takes only five to seven days to get a completed job to a customer."

She said in emergency situations, the turnaround can be faster.

Her printing partner has a home in Pine. She will send him the orders over the Internet or set them up over the phone.

Once the job is printed, he drives them up to Payson or she makes the trip to pick them up herself. Orders can also be shipped overnight on rush jobs.

Moving into a home office allows Mion the freedom to meet customers whenever and wherever is convenient for them because she does not have a shop to watch.

On average, a job consultation takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Mion also delivers the finished product to customers.

Mion said in addition to fast, friendly service, which she brings to the customers, she has spent 10 years updating equipment and now works on state-of-the-art computers.

"We offer high quality printing and meet the individual needs of each project and ensure efficient, cost-effective printing the first time and every time," she said.

Rim Country Printery's menu of services includes: graphic design, digital photography, four-color printing, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, newsletter, carbonless forms, wedding invitations, flyers, rubber stamps, labels, laminating, raised-letter printing, bookmarks, calendars, door hangers, postcards, presentation folders, posters, note pads and more.

Her favorite part of the business is graphic design.

"I'm self-taught," she said. "I trained to be a veterinary assistant, and I still do that when help is needed at Payson Pet Care."

Mion grew up around graphic design and art, her father is a professional illustrator who has worked with major publications, including National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines.

Her daughter, Katie, was two years old when Mion first purchased the business. She grew up around the sounds and smells of a print shop and now serves as an assistant. Among Katie's duties is answering the phone.

"She's very good at it," Mion said.

For more information, call (928) 474-9510 or FAX (928) 474-9521.

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