Pro-Growth Planning And Zoning Ruining Quality Of Life



What's next?

When are we going to get a council that will quit voting to approve big developers rezoning requests that are detrimental to our long established mountain town characteristics of forestation and natural habitat?

Humans are supposed to be of the highest order of the animal world with all its predators. But it sure seems that the worst predator of all is human.

Their greed is monstrous and we must constantly protect ourselves from their continuing disruption of a decent and quality society.

What must we do to convince our leaders to realize they must stop being persuaded by smooth talking promoters that want their kind of growth that is definitely not wanted for the good of our growing community?

You must take a firm stand and recognize that the planning and zoning commission is made up of mostly pro-development people and you should vote down their unsuitable development recommendations.

Somehow a zoning plan must be incorporated into our system that recognizes areas suitable for high density that might be used for necessary work force housing.

It must also recognize areas that must be low density in order to preserve our natural environment. Don't let Payson become another urban rat race like the one to our south.

People with conflicts of interest and special-interest agendas have been getting their way far too long.

Steps must be taken by our leaders to put growth and water problems on the right track by rectifying situations that have occurred and are occurring.

Preserve the best qualities of a nice mountain town and stop the quest for ultra-high profit growth that will ruin what we have.

Jack Jasper, Payson

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