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Re: Police academy

I think it is great that the Payson Police Department is going to have its own basic academy. To hire officers from your own community is a positive step in community policing. As a prior chief of police, I used this type of academy to keep our department not only fully staffed, but I had a large group of dedicated professionals wanting to work for the agency.

The citizens of Payson should be proud of the work that Chief Gartner and his officers are doing.

Re: Immigration process

I greatly appreciated the article about Nofi Barak from Israel. Apparently, the immigration process is bogged down in bureaucracy and is very inefficient and costly.

On another note, we have a friend who is an immigration attorney in Guam. He reports that the immigration process has stopped, as of June 1, because there are so many illegals coming into the U.S. This creates a crisis for Guam in as much as most of the nurses and tourist work force come from the Philippines. They are desperately needed for the economy of Guam and the well being of its citizens.

It would be prudent to focus on improving the system as well as protecting our borders.

Re: Wolf hybrid

In response to your article about the "wolf hybrid," you state the animal "attacked the horses," the owner states the creature "stalked them," and went after them. So, did the hybrid really attack them, as in bite and claw, or is this another example of your newpaper's sensationalism? There is an analogy in the article made to "German Shepherds," which is more irresponsibility on your part, as now every dog that resembles a wolf (which Shepherds do) will be a target for all the trigger-happy, honky-tonk heroes.

Re: Harold Fish sentencing

The article concerning the sentencing of Harold Fish contains the phrase, "Fish, a father of seven." I don't understand what this has to do with him being found guilty of murder. Is it a secret code describing membership in a particular religion or organization? Are we supposed to believe the ability to father multiple offspring makes him incapable of murder?

Now, if you had used "Fish, owner of over 70 guns" (a fact reported in the Flagstaff paper), I could see the relevance.

Re: Gun ownership

Owning and carrying a gun is about managing risk. It's the same as having a fire insurance policy for your home. Is it fear that makes you pay for fire insurance? Sure, but do you feel bad if you never collect on a fire insurance policy? Guns are no different.

People 65 and older are less capable of physically defending their persons from 19-year-old societal predators. It's only reasonable for them to manage risk by relying on the greatest physical equalizer ever invented by man.

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