Time To Elect Someone With Common Sense



Recently, Jim Pederson, United States Senatorial candidate, visited Payson. In his talk, and question-and-answer session, he said many things that made sense. One was that Congress needs to use common sense. You all remember what that is. Common sense tells us that if you pick up something that's hot you could get burned, or if you cross the street during heavy traffic, when not using the crosswalk, you could get hit.

Candidate Pederson pointed out one area where common sense should have been used. Most of you are aware of the new government prescription plan, but what you might not know is that a huge caveat was included for drug companies. Namely, they are not required to negotiate prices like the Veterans Administration does.

Take a look at your own financial picture. Would you, if you were making home improvements or buying a car, not do some cost comparisons before purchasing that item or service?

(Drug companies) will make billions from that little deal. It's your tax money.

Candidate Pederson also said Sen. Kyl likes to point out his lack of experience. Well, the Senator has lots of experience, but what does he have to show for it? A porous border with Mexico. Where has he been during his tenure? That didn't just crop up overnight. He also has deficits unknown in our history, high gas prices (giving oil companies tax breaks) and a prescription drug plan that has a doughnut hole. For many citizens that doughnut hole is about all they'll get.

It's time to elect someone who understands what common sense is.

Tom McGuigan, Payson

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