May We Live In Exciting Times



By Lanny Sloan

The big rush to put agreements, policies, committees and plans in place for the Town of Star Valley is over -- kind of. The Council has been working very hard to "get things done" by July 1, which is the date that we are truly on our own. Until that date we still relied on Gila County for many services, including law enforcement and road maintenance.

Fortunately, we live in a place where people believe in helping others, and because of this our job was actually easier than you would expect. Everyone at Gila County and the Town of Payson worked very hard to help us make the transition go smoothly.

We are really functioning as a town now. We are receiving weekly funds from the town's sales tax. We have received the state sales tax revenue that covers the period from our incorporation to the present. Our committees are in place and starting to work. And the town staff (both of us) is continuing to learn about our jobs and what the community wants and needs. Visit for more information about our town and what we have done since becoming a town of 2,006 people, in the year 2006.

Many have heard the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." Well, in Star Valley we do live in interesting times, but it is not a curse. We are enjoying every minute of it.

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