Punish Employers Who Hire Illegal Immigrants



It is beyond me why no one can come up with the answer to the immigration problem. After all, the politicians had no problem putting a time limit for seniors on the Medicare Part D.

Here's a possible solution to the immigration problem:

1. Put a time limit on the people and companies that are part of the problem, they hire them so they can save money. (In six months, they will be fined with the possibility of jail time.)

2. Have the person or company make sure that the employees they have hired are legal or not, let him or her know that they will not lose their job.

3. Now the employer can turn that name into the government, so we have a record of how many are working. The government can give a special card to the employee, one that cannot be duplicated.

4. At the end of six months, the employer can be fined, and a jail time can be set if he is caught with any illegal employee.

5. Now the labor department has a record, and can see that everyone is paid a living wage, along with paying his or her fair amount into the system.

6. We all know that we need most of the workers who are here. Many of our ancestors came here for the same opportunity.

7. Now no one needs to come across our border, as there are no jobs to be had. We solve two problems this way.

8. In time, if that person would like to become a U.S. citizen, they can get at the back of the line. Both, the employer and the illegal are breaking the law, so why do you punish one and not the other?

This is America we treat every one equally.

Sydney Whitely, Payson

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