Study Shows Abortion/Breast Cancer Link



Mater Care International, an international group of obstetricians and gynecologists, was presented with evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer at its international conference in Rome in October 2004 by Dr. Joel Brind's research group. The medical explanation and the epidemiological evidence convinced Mater Care International that there is a significant increase in breast cancer risk after induced abortion, especially before the first full-term pregnancy. This evidence has been denied by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) and other researchers. Recently, 10 studies have been published in an attempt to discredit Brind's conclusion.

In turn, Brind has examined these 10 studies and, in a peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, he has shown that they have serious methodological weaknesses and flaws and therefore do not invalidate the conclusion that there is an increased risk of breast cancer.

Women have a basic right to know of this increased risk of breast cancer, and it is unacceptable that the information should be denied to them by the medical and cancer research establishments.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons issued a statement in 2003 calling on doctors to inform patients about a "highly plausible" relationship between abortion and breast cancer. Some women have already successfully sued their abortion providers for neglecting to disclose the risks of breast cancer and the resulting emotional harm.

Joanne Gasiel, Payson

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