Tackle Shops Age-Old Stop For Fish Talk



It is really interesting and surprising how valuable fishing information can be to the recreational angler as well as the die-hard fisherman.

I remember as a young man riding my bike to the local sporting goods store in Clinton, Iowa and browsing the merchandise for the next fishing tackle to purchase when I had earned enough money.


Bill Kile explains how to dropshot for bass to Craig Jones, Wayne Jones, Bill Cole and Robert Barela.

That store was also a clearinghouse for fishing information in the local area along the Mississippi River. It seemed that everyone knew of the big ones that had been caught as well as the baits used.

Over the years, times have changed, but fishermen still gravitate to certain locations to get the latest information on how to catch fish.

In most cases, fishermen like to share stories about their successes and really do want to help others to also have a successful fishing outing.

If you are like most of us, the fishing trip may be after work or on a weekend between jobs around the house. That means a quick stop at a fishing store may better your chances at catching fish.

Even professional bass fishermen use the local tackle stores to get information on the body of water they are going to fish. My son, Clifford, uses this strategy as part of his pre-fishing activity before a tournament. The locals in most cases are a valuable asset in getting added knowledge about the latest bite and patterns.

If you enter a store and see chairs in a corner or on the porch, chances are some real fishing information or stories have been told from time to time. If you happen to be fortunate enough to see a group of guys discussing the latest baits or technique, lend an ear.

Having spent some time in a tackle store over the past year, I have had the chance to hear many of these conversations. Needless to say, this avid stream fisherman who also enjoys catching crappies has learned many lessons in Bass Fishing 101 when school is in session.

When the corner chairs are filled it is a good idea to pay attention because the lesson taught is bass fishing at Roosevelt Lake.

These guys do not always agree but they do respect each other's expertise.

Even I now understand the difference between dropshotting and a Carolina rig, but the true test is the hands-on experience on the water.

This weekend take time to go fishing and enjoy God's creation.

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