Universal Health Care Halted By Myth, Greed And Cowardice



The four lies about universal health care:

1. It is socialized medicine. Government doesn't deliver the health care. You still go to your doctor and hospital. It simply is a governmental payment system, instead of you paying inflated premiums to profit-seeking insurance giants. It eliminates the overhead of the middleman, and pays all bills directly to the providers.

2. Private is always better than public. Presently, up to a third of health care premiums we pay go to profits, marketing campaigns, posh headquarters, CEO pay packages, lobbying firms and massive bureaucracies. All of these costs are eliminated.

3. We cannot afford to cover everyone. Universal health care is a moral issue. Notice that political elites are all rolling along in the Rolls Royce class of health care, courtesy of generous subsidies from the taxpayers. These are the very people who control policy making in Washington, and they have shown no ethical qualms about taking good care of themselves. It is well known that 46 million Americans are without health care, while illegal aliens already have universal health care here in our own country. Think about it.

4. There will be waiting lists. Have you ever tried to get a quick appointment with your doctor? It takes days, even if you have insurance. Forget about trying to see a specialist within a month of calling. Our current system has so much wrong it needs fundamental changes. Many grassroots groups are pushing this fundamentally moral issue into the election of '06, '08 and beyond. Confront Republican lawmakers on their shameful loyalty to corporate greed and Democrats on their appalling wimpiness.

Bob Jacobs, Payson

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