Women Gather For Fellowship, Bible Study



Last week, 27 ladies enjoyed a day retreat of fun and fellowship at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church.

Anne Kilbourne and her daughter Crista were the greeters. Grace McGill led them in an inspirational devotion. Rita Quay played a beautiful piano solo for the entertainment. Laura taught the ladies how to make a rug and generously donated the rug they made for a raffle. Eileen Kittock was the lucky winner of the drawing. They enjoyed a delicious salad luncheon, and for desert, Bianca Malmin showed them how to make biscotti, which they were able to enjoy. Linda Adkins shared her missionary work in the American Samoa, which is in the Pacific Island chain. She brought beautiful pieces of fabric worn by the men, women and children called Lavalava. The ladies had fun wrapping them around their waist and wearing them as skirts. Susan Hepworth and Eileen Kittock led them in prayer and Evelyn Lewis shared her testimony. It was a very blessed day for all the women, as these retreats always are.


Attending a day retreat at Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church last week were (left to right) Laura Bierwirth, PJ Hidde, Judy Sniedly and Pam Fisher.

Heat and fire danger

We live in Arizona where the four seasons are: Tolerable, Hot, Really Hot, and Are You Kidding Me??!!

We are lucky to live in the Rim Country where it is a little cooler, but it is very dry.

Even though we are getting some rain, the lightning is causing the trees killed by bark beetles to catch fire. On Tuesday, one caught fire on Wild Rose in Hunter Creek. Forest Service personnel cut the tree down, but it was still burning really good on the ground and this was right after all the rain.

There was one tree burning on the west side of Christopher Creek and another single snag fire on the east ridge of Christopher Creek -- all in one day from lightning.

"Thank you" to the wonderful Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department and the many helping hands from the Forest Service. It is so nice to see these guys and know that they are looking out for us.

Don't think because we are getting rain that it is safe. The lightning is very dangerous.

What do forest closures mean? All activities are prohibited on Forest Service lands under closure. You may not walk, hike, ride horses or mountain bikes, hunt, camp, fish, build a campfire, operate a motorized vehicle, walk your dog, or do anything at all on forest lands under closure. This means all trails within closure boundaries are off limits until closures are lifted. All of this applies to residents as well as visitors. This means you are not allowed in the forest. Period.

On June 19, a new flagpole was installed at the Christopher/ Kohl's Fire Department. Thanks to Chuck Schmidt who got the pole removed from its place in the Valley with the help of Shaffer's Welding Shop of Phoenix. He got it delivered and then organized a group of residents to pour the footings and base. Thanks goes out to Frank Marazza for digging the hole with his Bobcat. Rod Britain, John Buckhotz and Rick Schantz mixed and set the cement. Cameron Vaughan, owner of Tree Pro, donated the use of his bucket truck to hang the flag, and fire board member Jim Oliver was on hand to raise the new flag. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. It looks great.

Vacation Bible School

Hop on board and set sail with this year's Vacation Bible School. It is set for Monday, July 10 through Friday, July 14 at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church. It will be from 9 a.m. to noon every day. Refreshments will be served and the closing program will be at noon on Friday. This is fun for all ages. Come and join in.

For more information or to register, call Teresa Purtee at (928) 478-4337.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July. Remember, fireworks are illegal, not to mention a potential disaster in a dry forest.

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