Cbs Affiliate Grants Npg 10-Day Extension


NPG Cable subscribers are still receiving CBS affiliate KPHO after the station granted a 10-day contract extension.

Enough progress was made between the two sides to warrant the extension, according to KPHO Vice President and General Manager Steve Hammel. The contract was due to expire at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, March 1.

"We are very pleased negotiations are moving in a positive direction," Hammel said. "But there is language that still needs to be resolved, which we think will be resolved, and we hope will be resolved."

Hammel challenged the claim made by NPG District Manager Wayne Beikmann at a recent Town Council meeting that KPHO was asking for "as much as 60 cents per subscriber per month."

"The figure was significantly less than that," he said. "What it truly is, per subscriber, is no more than a penny a day and it's pennies a month.

"What this is all about is every three years cable companies and TV stations negotiate with each other in terms of an agreement. The only channels NPG doesn't pay (for) are broadcast stations, and over the last couple of years that has been changing.

"What we are asking is significantly less than those cable channels (like CNN, ESPN and Animal Planet) that are less viewed are paid."

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