Don't Miss Out On Crappie Time At Roosevelt Lake



March is the beginning of the traditional Crappie Time on Roosevelt Lake.

The fish are staging, meaning this is the time period prior to the spawn when they are in deeper water -- 20 to 25 feet. Any day they will make the move to the shoreline and the spawning beds.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been many reports of female fish being caught that were ready to go. This means for you crappie fishermen that you need to be ready to make a trip to Roosevelt Lake and locate those fish as they approach the shallows.

The common staging area for crappies has been the mouth of Tonto Creek and the opposite end of the lake near the Salt River. You will notice that these two areas have the greatest concentration of fishing boats. It is common to see 50 or 60 boats on any given day in these areas. Don't think these are the only places on the lake to catch those tasty fish.

There are many spots where they will congregate, but it will take some time to hunt and explore likely looking fishing areas.

The alternative is to hire a fishing guide and spend an 8-hour day on the water with someone who knows the lake, as well as the latest hotspots.

Tonto Basin has a number of excellent fishing guides who can help you catch crappies, or bass, and supply you with the best equipment.

During the day they will teach you the techniques to be successful on your next trip, when you venture out on your own. Here are four names of guides, and their phone numbers, whose vocation is fishing.

C&C Guide Service is owned by Art Chamberlin, and he can be reached at (928) 479-3208. Frank Powell owns Frank's Fishing Service at (928) 479-2794, and Lee's Guide Service is owned by Lee Gassaway. He can be reached at (928) 479-2120. When Cliff Pirch is not on the FLW Bass Tour, he also operates a guide service and can be reached at (928) 978-3518.

These fishermen offer a quality fishing experience on Roosevelt Lake for a very reasonable price, and they are all veterans at what they do -- catching fish. The information they share will help you catch more fish when you are on your own on that next trip to the lake.

For an up-to-the-minute fishing report about Roosevelt Lake, you can call the FISHING HOTLINE, (928) 479-2108 at The Tackle Box.

Don't miss out. Get that boat ready. Springtime on Roosevelt Lake is crappie time, and today is the day to enjoy God's creation.

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