Flawed Logic In Concern Over Time Of Residence



Developer Kevin Sokol, in a Letter to the Editor printed on Feb. 28, suggested that Payson voters should not vote for Bob Edwards and myself since there are others who have been in town longer. Flawed logic. We wouldn't need to have positions in the paper or forums on the radio or talking to the citizens, then, would we? We could just check the arrival records and declare the first ones here as the winners.

Why didn't he suggest we vote for other longtime candidates like Rick Croy who moved to Diamond Point in 1991 and then to Payson in 1992? He's been here longer than Council incumbent Robert Henley who purchased land in 1996 but didn't move here until 1999, seven years after Croy.

My guess is that he is more concerned about how we are going to vote than our residency.

My guess about his flawed logic is that he is concerned that I might vote against increasing the density of his proposed subdivision on Tyler Parkway. If that's his concern, he is right. If elected, I will vote against increasing the density there.

As for the charge that Bob Edwards and I are "new," consider that it doesn't take a decade to learn that Brewer and Henley are part of the majority that showed contempt for the 1900 citizens who signed the referendum to vote on the contract about taking Star Valley water.

In addition, we are informed and supported by many citizens who have been in Payson much longer than Kevin Sokol, who purchased land in 1995 and moved into town in 1998.

Ed Blair, Payson

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