Good Samaritans Offer Roadside Assistance



On Sunday Feb. 19, I drove down from Diamond Star to Slade Creek Hill south of Payson to wait with my parents for a tow truck to come pick them up, as their car had broken down on the way home to Fountain Hills.

When I arrived, I found another car there with them, occupied by Scott and Vanessa Schifflin of Tempe, who had stopped to see if they needed help, then stayed with them on the side of the road until I arrived. My sincere thanks to these two people who took time from their day to help ensure my parents' safety while they waited for help to arrive.

The tow truck arrived about 15 minutes later, followed shortly by Department of Public Safety officer T. R. Phillips. While the tow truck operator loaded the car onto the flatbed, Officer Phillips kindly helped my parents into the high cab of the tow truck for the ride back to Phoenix.

All was well, and the tow truck was on its way down to Phoenix as Officer Phillips and I walked back to our cars. It was then that I discovered I could not find my own car keys, and I realized they had fallen out of my pocket in the back of my parents' car while I waited with them for the tow truck. The tow truck was already out of sight over the summit.

I turned to the officer in dismay and asked if he had any way to call the tow truck. He said, "No, but I can catch him," and jumped in his car and took off after the tow truck.

I sat in my car to wait for his return, and believe me, I have never been so glad to see flashing lights in my rearview mirror as I was when he returned about a half hour later with my keys.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to these people -- the Schifflins and Officer Phillips -- for being there for us, and for being so kind in their help to stranded motorists, first my parents, and then, unfortunately, me.

Debra Speakes, Payson

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