Growing Graffiti Problem Encourages Gang Behavior



I thought we had some department in town that was eliminating graffiti as it appeared. This doesn't appear to be the rule any longer and I for one don't wish to live in Phoenix, but that is what our town is starting to look like.

For instance, there is graffiti behind the motels north of the Beeline Cafe as well as on an abandoned, trashed van in the alley of the same location. There is also graffiti on the dumpster behind Famous Sams, the dumpster at Chase Bank and additional graffiti behind the old Rim Country Auto Center/Kawasaki dealer. There is also graffiti on the rear of the mailbox on Main Street.

I believe one should make it go away as fast as it appears and perhaps the taggers will stop. If you let it continue, you encourage gang behavior.

Judd Morgan, Payson

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