Pajama Party Provides Lot Of Laughs



Last Friday night was the Annual Ladies Pajama Party. Sixteen women showed up at Karen Thorton's home wearing their favorite PJs and donning some of the funniest slippers I have ever seen.

The ladies came out to have some fun that evening. Lots of stories were told and you could hear the laughter down the street. Those who attended this year's party were Vicki Grootegoed, Judy Toole, Anna Marie Grubbs, Diane Davis, Marilyn Salomon, Sally Atchinson, Rhea Hoedle, Sonny Hunt, Jackie Ezzell, Phyllis Agnew, Karen Thorton and Laura Alvin. A couple ladies showed up later and they were Nancy Olson, Nancy Pierce, Margo Holmes and Leona Pierce.


Sixteen women attended the annual Pajama Party in Christopher Creek. Sally Atchinson won the prize for the best PJs. She was all decked out in bear pajamas with a bear hat, bear slippers and a bear muff.

The ladies all voted on who had the best PJs and Sally Atchinson won that prize. She was all decked out in bear pajamas with a bear hat, bear slippers and a bear muff.

There were a lot of funny slippers this year. Diane Davis had the cutest little pink flamingos on her feet. Marilyn Salomon had bear claws on her feet and then she admitted that she had some 67 pairs of shoes in her closet, and I thought I liked shoes.

Karen Thorton was wearing her "diva slippers," as my daughter Frankie called them, along with a red boa. Vicki Grootegoed made her PJs and they were so pretty you could wear them out for an evening. Which, by the way, she did. Did I mention that she also is an excellent seamstress?

Laura Alvin and Karen Thorton brought silly string along and got to nail some unsuspecting male victims at the Landmark and Creekside. But from what I understand, Rod Britain, the bartender at Creekside, managed to get the better of them that night.

Only in Christopher Creek could sixteen Ladies dressed in PJs and wearing their funny slippers go out in public and not be arrested. Everyone said they had a great time and cannot wait till next year.

Christopher Creek residents celebrating birthdays this month are Marcia Delessaedro (March 2), Randy Dawson (March 3), Audrey Treat (March 6), Steve Hauser (March 8), Chief Ray Larsen (March 11, Marsha Ward (March 12), Jim and Barbara Wheeler, Bob Cowell (March 15), Duane Hansel (March 20), PJ Hidde (March 23), Rowland Davis (March 24) and Sandy Hegenderfer (March 27).

Wishing all of you a Happy Birthday.

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