Republican's Post-9/11 World Is Greed And Avarice



During the election of 2004, the Republicans and the Bushites would appear at Senator John Kerry rallies and proclaim in sing-song fashion "Flip flop, flip flop." This served the GOP well as they convinced many that Senator Kerry did not stay the course and would change his message as it suited him.

Now, it is 2006 and the Republicans are in charge. They have the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and the Presidency. Vice President Dick Cheney has proven that family values include drinking and shooting trained and home-raised quail and fellow hunters. The Congress has shown that you can accept bribes from lobbyists to pass the laws that the lobbyists write up.

The United States Senate under Republican control blocks the investigation of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, what happened with FEMA and what happened with the intelligence that lead us into war in Iraq and Senator Kyl protects these corrupt officials by not swearing them under oath when they appear before Senate investigating committees.

But now the Bush administration and our Congressman Renzi and Senator Kyl have really shown us that they don't care about America's security. The sale of six major ports to a company from the United Arab Emirates shows that these people don't care about our nation's security. They claimed that if the Democrats had been elected that we would be "hit" again. The Republicans were elected and they are selling us out. We are no safer today than we were after 9/11. The truth of the matter is that this administration and this Congress and Senate have created a world that has become our enemy. There are more terrorists planning to attack us because our government has lost its moral compass.

Karl Rove claims that Democrats have a pre-9/11 view of the world. What Karl Rove and President Bush have brought us in their post-9/11 world is greed and avarice. If you care for your neighbor, if you care for your seniors, if you care for your children, if you care for your environment, if you care for honesty and decency in government then you know what you should do. It is your duty to make yourself aware of what is going on.

Sydney J. Whitely, Payson

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