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Q: How long is the lunch period? Is there room enough for all the students to eat? How long do students have to eat by the time they stand in line for food? If a student is generally last to the line do they still have items to choose from, or is it just what is left?

A: Our lunch is 30 minutes long," said Rim Country Middle School Principal Monica Nitzsche. "There are two lunch lines and there is enough time for all students to get through the line. We also have room for all students to sit and eat. There was one day recently when there was a problem with the line moving very slowly but that problem was quickly resolved. A few students were late to class with an excused absence but other than that we have not had problems with students not having enough time to eat. Students have not made me aware that the choices have run out on a consistent basis. Any parent who is concerned about lunch is encouraged to call me, I will be happy to discuss the individual issues of concern and clarify any details. Overall, students are expressing a high satisfaction with the quality of food this year and we are pleased to have Sodexho provide such a great variety of choices."

Q: The Town of Diamond Star is asking us to vote on the following:

"Shall the Town of Diamond Star be authorized to construct, or to acquire by purchase, acquisition or lease, all or a portion of a plant or property devoted to the business of or services rendered by a public utility."
It sounds like we are authorizing the town to build a nuclear power plant capable of supplying all power needs for the western portion of the United States.bviously this isn't realistic but I really don't understand the question.s this standard "boilerplate" needed in every town's charter?s there something specific needed at this time?s this tied to the water issue?

A: "The Town of Diamond Star is faced with a severe shortage of water to facilitate Fire Flow (water available to the Diamond Star Fire District for fire fighting)," said Chuck Heron, councilman, Town of Diamond Star, Ariz. "The ballot issue at least permits the Town to purchase or acquire wells and to install pipeline with hydrants so as to help alleviate this shortage. By doing this, we can lower insurance rates for our citizens and have a fire flow rating that is more friendly to future business or manufacturing endeavors within our town limits.

"We do not intend, at this time or in the foreseeable future, to go into the business of supplying water for domestic use."

Q: What's up with the Star Valley water pipeline being tapped into The Rim Club storage tank?

A: According to Town Manager Fred Carpenter, The Rim Club is the closest place to connect the pipeline carrying Star Valley water into the town's water system.

Q: I heard Bashas' was going to get a supply of organic meat? Are they? When?

A: "Yes, we are," said Bashas' meat manager John Wall. "We don't have a timeline on it yet." Bashas' is currently putting the whole program together to make it affordable. Wall hopes to know sometime in March when the whole line of organic meats will be available. Currently Bashas' does have organic chicken.

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