Brewer Handles The Pressure With Grace



Mayor Barbara Brewer has shown her dedication to the Payson community and its citizens during her almost 10 years on the Payson town council. She continually searches for more and better ways of helping all our citizens and is never too busy to return phone calls. Mayor Brewer has a proven record of accomplishments.

Because I was the first woman mayor elected in my community, I am probably more aware than others of the pressures Mayor Brewer has faced and will continue to face. She handles this pressure with grace and diplomacy.

The measure of a good leader is the respect of the council, and I believe she has earned that, as well as the respect of many, if not most, of the Payson citizenry.

Mayor Barbara Brewer deserves to continue as the Mayor of Payson.

Phyliss Windle, Payson

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