Getting To Know His Customers On A First-Name Basis


Rim Country's newest plumber, Anthony Anderson, and his wife, Diane, opened Affordable Hometown Plumbing to get back to the residential business he grew up in.

"Ever since I was old enough to carry a piece of pipe, my Dad had me in (the business)," Anderson said.


"Ever since I was old enough to carry a piece of pipe, my Dad had me in (the business)," said Anthony Anderson, the Rim Country's newest plumber. Anderson, along with his wife, Diane, recently opened Affordable Hometown Plumbing.

That was over 30 years ago.

"I was going to work in the Valley at Intel originally doing high purity piping for the computer chip industry," he said. "After driving down the hill a couple of times, I decided this is not why I moved to Payson."

Anderson had owned his own business in the past and the time was right to put one "foot in front of the other" and take the contractor's test, he said.

Since July he has become a licensed, bonded, insured contractor.

"All in all, I feel I have built a very good reputation in a short amount of time," he said.

Finding shoddy workmanship and cheap pipe is a plumber's frustration.

When a contractor uses cheap installation, Anderson said he can tell right away. Being from Alaska, he is familiar with cold weather piping.

"You don't use PVC in cold weather piping, and I see it all over up here," he said. "I just redid a job. A Valley contractor put in the cheapest pipe possible and it froze and broke."

Consideration for the installation needs to be taken at all times. Anderson recommends AquaPex. When it freezes it expands and then contracts back into place and does not break.

"I do quality plumbing," Anderson said. "I don't use inferior products and I don't do any illegal piping. I have very strong ethics."

When a plumbing job can be completed in phases, Anderson tries to work with his clients as they can afford to make repairs or changes.

"I like to get to know my customers on a first-name basis," he said. "I'm not here hit and run. I am here to offer solutions and forestall future problems."

When he is not fixing pipes, he likes to take road trips on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Affordable Hometown Plumbing can be reached by calling (928) 468-6589. They are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and for emergencies.

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