Good Samaritan Helps Couples In Need



I thought this letter would be interesting to print in your local paper regarding the type of great individuals you have in your Town of Payson.

A few weeks ago, we left the Mesa area and started toward Payson. Unfamiliar with the area, we looked on the map to see where we were and, on the map, we seemed to be about 50 miles from Payson. About four miles south of Payson, we ran out of gas.

We are two couples in our 70s, and it was 4:30 p.m. We couldn't get any service on our cell phones. So I (Bob McPhie) decided I would try and catch a ride into Payson to get some gas. Several cars went by and finally a pickup stopped and asked if there was a problem.

Embarrassed, I said, "Would you believe we left Mesa without filling up our gas tank?" I asked him for a ride into town and his answer was, "Get back into your car and I will be back in about a half an hour." He was back in 20 minutes with a five-gallon can of gas and a funnel. When we offered to pay him, he replied, "Don't embarrass me. I'm glad to help you out." He would not accept our money for the gas. He also told us where to find the cheapest gas nearby. I said, "I hope the Lord will bless you and your family." His reply was simply, "He already has."

His name is Mike Vogel. It is a great thing to know that we have someone like this special man in our country and your community. Thanks again, Mike.

You're one in a million.

Bob and Mitzie McPhie, Heber City, Utah; Klar and Gina Robinson, Richfield, Utah

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