Homebound Thankful For Mail-In Ballots



This is written to other homebound, frustrated, embarrassed, handicapped, honorable people who don't want to see the good reputation of Payson ruined. We are a good town. We are good neighbors. We don't steal from one another.

We don't want to set you up in a beautiful house and then leave town and leave you without water, good roads or infrastructure.

I'm thanking whoever was responsible for having the mail-in ballot. This is one way that the "silent majority" can shout. We need good, experienced leadership. We need people who are concerned with Payson, its current citizens and it's future citizens.

Do such people exist? I believe so. I've already voted and will proudly share with you for whom I voted: Bob Edwards for mayor, Ed Blair, Rick Croy and Diane Sexton for Council. Please vote. "Que Sera Sera" is just a beautiful song.

Carol Michaelis, Payson

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