Let Parents Do Their Own Censoring



I'm a 14-year-old girl who goes to the movies with family and friends a lot, and I read an article on the opinion page. When I was through reading the article, I was really mad, because it was all about how our theater wasn't going to show a certain movie because it has too much violence, and that parents didn't want to expose their kids to all the violence.

My problem with the whole thing is that if the parents don't want their kids to watch the movie, then they just shouldn't let them to see the movie. I could understand it if the movie was a really bad movie, with racism, and a horrible message to disgrace someone of a different religion, race, or if they were male or female. That's when I would agree that it shouldn't be shown. But, if the movie isn't being shown because of the parents not wanting it in theaters, it doesn't seem fair to all of the others who want to see the movie.

When it comes down to it, other people shouldn't have to drive somewhere else to see a simple movie when the movie could be shown in their hometown theater. I think that it is silly, personally, how people act about the simplest things.

Aileen Casillas, A student at RCMS

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