Longtime Residents Do Not Always Make Best Candidates



A transfusion is needed.

At present, we have the "Good Ole Boy" attitude which is alive and well in our town council.

These are those who believe that the longer one has resided in Payson make the best candidates. What a farce, and dumb idea. I say hogwash.

There are those who have spent their entire lifetime in Payson, and still don't know their aft from their elbow.

We don't need to reinforce this ‘Good Ole Boy' network by electing, and re-electing, those who would only maintain and promote this antiquated system, and would continue to promote agendas which are not in the town's best interest. We need a change, and a transfusion of new blood, on the town council. Bob Edwards, et al, would be just the prescription the doctor ordered.

Those who think that long-time residents make the best candidates should check out the local cemetery.

Ed Welge, Payson

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