Payson Welcomes 2 New Pastors


Mountain Bible Church, 302 E. Rancho Road, (928) 472-7800

Name: Terry Cadwell

Church: Mountain Bible

Family: Wife, Patsy, three children, three grandchildren

Favorite scripture: Philippians 1:6. "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

Why did you become a man of the cloth? As a child, I decided I wanted to be a preacher, even before I placed my personal faith in Jesus. Through study I discovered that Jesus wanted to live inside of me.

Why Payson? We were living in Tyler, Texas, looking at a change in our lives. The door opened here and we decided to come. We miss our family in Texas but we are glad to be here and we love the people. We believe the church has incredible potential in this community to show God's love for people by doing things for the community with no expectation of anything in return. There is a significant percentage of young adults and young families and we believe the church has the potential to serve their needs.

Church of Christ, 401 E. Tyler Parkway, (928) 474-5149

Name: Dell Kimberly, minister

Church: Church of Christ

Family: Wife, Robbi, two grown children, Karla and Kevin, and Kevin's wife, Julie.

Why did you become a man of the cloth? It is one of the things that I have always wanted to do in life. I have been preaching for 29 years.

Why Payson? The right set of circumstances came along and the Lord's hand was in it. I'm originally from Alabama but I have lived all over.

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