Political Double Talk Not Impressive



I had an opportunity to listen to Mr. Bob Edwards speak at a meeting recently. If I did not have an opinion of him as a candidate running for mayor for the Town of Payson prior to this, I certainly do now.

One of the first statements he made was to imply that Payson has so many issues he has to become mayor to fix everything wrong with the town. As a person who has lived here and contributed both with time and money to the Town of Payson for many years I take this statement personally.

He really is a polished politician in the fact that he never had a direct answer to any of the questions asked at this meeting. Instead, he went off on a tangent, remarking he would have to have a "study done" and establish a "task force." The usual political double talk. He believes the "hot buttons" in Payson to be water and street improvement. If he knocked on my door, he would have found the "hot buttons" to be economic development, the non-existent labor force and affordable housing. Maybe Mr. Edwards needs to broaden his horizons to include the working class people of Payson when receiving input.

He indicated The Door Stop is not what is right economically for Payson. How can a "clean industry, low water use" business, who employees 75 employees with a decent wage and benefits, be wrong for the Payson area? They are the model business for Payson and we should be giving incentives as other small towns in Arizona do to attract more like them.

Mr. Edwards also conveniently forgot about the true figure that has been spent on street improvements over the past year, what the Southwest Groundwater Study states in regards to growth and water availability, and what the town has actually spent on Main Street. I suggest he revisit the facts to make sure what he is communicating is correct.

I believe the right "man" for the job is a woman and endorse Barbara Brewer for mayor. She has lived, owned a business and raised her daughter here and has a better understanding of what works for Payson than a career politician with a personal agenda.

Julie Ruttle, Payson

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