Sharing A Quote That Sounded Familiar To Payson



The following is a quote from a book that I am reading, but it so resembles the things that are happening in Payson that I would like to share these words. "Nor was I sure I wished it to become a great city, for we who are among the first to always yield reluctantly to the late-comers seeing our meadows fade, our trees cut down, our horizons obscured. We who were the first owners accepted the dollar prices but bemoaned the loss of beauty, yet what is happening is inevitable. We must never forget that the land and the waters are ours for the moment only, that generations will follow who must themselves live from that land and drink that water.

"It will not be enough to leave something for them. We must leave it a little better than we found it.

"It is not buildings that make a city, but it is the citizens who live there, and help make it function as a city. There is no greater role for a man to play than to assist in the government of a people, nor anyone lower than he who misuses that power."

Art C. Buckner, Payson

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