Town In Need Of Change In Government



Town Councilor Judy Buettner's Roundup letter of Feb. 28, regarding the Town of Payson accomplishments is certainly a nice pat on the back, but there are many little hidden facts that did not come out in her letter that require questions.

Let's look at Manzanita Street between Highway 260 and Timber Street, and the property located on the west side of that street. The street has heavy traffic. It is crumbling and it has numerous small hills that make it extremely dangerous to people who walk it after dark because of a lack of lighting.

A few years ago, during the reign of former Town Manager Richard Underkofler, I was invited to a meeting at the Town Hall with him and the Town's street czar, who proudly showed me a letter that showed that section of Manzanita Street would be totally reconstructed the following year. Of course, it was not, and still hasn't been done.

Now, as numerous Town residents who drive that street will see as they look to the west, the largest fire pit in town, an area covering several acres. That area is totally covered with dead brush, bushes and trees that are broken and leaning against each other. The Town has a requirement that forces the owner of that property to clean it up. They have not enforced that, and I will tell you why.

We all know the developer that wants to help the town to steal water from Star Valley. That is one of his developments.

I accuse the town fathers of deliberately not putting Manzanita Street on this year's rebuilding list and not forcing the owner to clean up that property to the west to rile up the residents in the area and have them lean toward development of that vacant acreage.

Do not begin to think the town doesn't have little secrets that are not in the best interests of the residents of Payson.

The Town drilled two wells on the Chilson property near Green Valley Lake a little over a year ago. These wells were producing 400 gpm of water that could have been used for Payson. The Town turned them down. I wonder if that was done for the development of that land recently approved by the town council. It is land, incidentally, being developed by a member of the Zoning Commission.

Ms. Buettner's letter was obviously written against mayor candidate Bob Edwards, who was misquoted.

This town is in great need for a change in government.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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