Vote For One Of Two Kinds Of Towns



As we approach the final days of the town council and mayoral election campaigns, we should all ask ourselves what we really need and want in our council.

If you want a town governed with outside interests calling the shots, rubber stamps on re-zoning requests, too many closed door ("executive session") meetings, approval of developments with excessive density without sufficient justification or review, grants of future water commitments that we may not be able to satisfy, a town government run by the staff, election ballots opened privately before the election, inadequate street repair, spending considerably more than we are taking in, accelerating growth (470 units under construction right now), and a town on a growth trajectory to 32 thousand people, then, vote for the status quo. Because that's what we've got now, folks.

On the other hand, if you want far more open government, a mayor without alliances and who can counterbalance the profiteering interests of developers, more responsible spending, future water supply carefully planned and not over-committed, growth coordinated with available infrastructure, priorities realigned, and a town council that will seek and carefully listen to public input, then ... Vote for Bob Edwards and Ed Blair.

Bob has more experience in governing than all the other candidates put together. Ed is a first rate people person and is genuinely concerned about the future of Payson. Together, they will institutionalize citizen involvement in our town, something we have not had enough of and is sorely needed.

Al Poskanzer, Payson

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