Community Helps Library Rebuild Dvd Collection


When Susan "Stormy" Storms learned that several hundred DVDs were stolen from the Payson Public Library she was outraged.

Even though she had never borrowed a DVD from the library, she decided to do something about the loss.


Library clerk Harry Kuperberg catalogs donated DVDs.

"The fact that somebody would come in there and steal over 200 DVDs that could be used by anybody in our community, especially the ones who don't have a lot of money, just really made me mad," Storms said. "I couldn't believe it and I just wanted to help out."

Storms works in the maintenance department at the Mazatzal Casino.

She put up a box in the employee break room with a note that requested her fellow employees to help out with new or used DVDs. The box soon filled up and she dropped them off at the library this week.

"It was a total surprise," said library director Terry Morris. "I didn't get a chance to thank anyone.

"Many were in plastic but some were obviously from their personal collections, which is fine too. I don't care one way or another. They all play the same and I am grateful for them."

Since last month when the library announced that more than 200 DVDs were missing, Morris said they have been receiving one or two donated movies a day.

Also, since the theft was discovered, Morris said she has been contacted by Wal-Mart. The company has plans to make a $1,000 grant to the library to purchase more movies on DVD.

"The generosity of people who live here happens over and over again," Morris said. "I've witnessed it personally and professionally."

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