Family Time On A Javelina Hunt



The outdoor camping experience is an opportunity for the entire family to have fun and create memories that will make great stories for years to come. I can't emphasize enough the value of doing things together as a family that will help in the nurturing process of children growing up.

Jim and Michelle Shannon created one of those weekends when they took their sons Austin, 12, and Kohl, 10, on their first big game hunt. Both drew youth rifle tags for javelina in unit 23 and hunted in the area of Roosevelt Lake.


Kohl Shannon and dad Jim Shannon with the javelina the youngster downed with about a 170-yard shot.

Dad took the boys on preseason scouting which allowed both boys to understand the value of optics and spending time in the area one plans to hunt during the season. It was on the third day of the hunt that the youngest son, Kohl, was able to make a 170-yard shot from his .223 and connect with his first Arizona big game species.

Spending time in the field increases your odds of connecting and placing your tag on an animal. Even more important was the family time spent together in the outdoors. Quality experiences with your children are so important in nurturing the family unit.

The Shannon family attended the Arizona Game and Fish Department hunting camp created near Roosevelt Lake. This camp had a number of fun activities, which included 3D archery targets for bow hunting, free raffle drawings and hot dogs and drinks, which are always popular. The hunting camp was one of the highlights of the weekend for the Shannon family, as I am sure it was for other people attending. Hats off to the Game and Fish Department for encouraging the next generation of hunters in Arizona. With the upcoming spring break, plan some family time in the outdoors and enjoy God's creation.

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