Illegal Immigration Is Costing Taxpayers



We have a serious problem in Arizona and it is time for citizens of all parties to recognize the problem and take action to correct it. We are being invaded by criminals, terrorists, gangs, freeloaders and destroyers of our economy and our way of life. Illegal immigration is killing us.

Let's consider the financial ramifications. Forty percent of the criminals in our jails are illegal immigrants. How much does that cost you and me? They should be returned immediately to their country and if they ever return to our country, illegally, they should be made a permanent guest of our penal system. Ten percent of the 400,000 illegal immigrants caught during the first two months of this year had criminal records.

Are you happy with your cost of health care? Whether or not you admit it, you are paying for the health care of all illegal immigrants and that is no small amount.

We're spending millions of our tax dollars on an English-Learner program for illegal immigrants. Excuse me? Why should we be obligated to teach illegal immigrants to speak our language? They don't belong here, and that money could be spent on educating our own children. If you move to Mexico, do you think the Mexican government would teach you to speak Spanish for free?

All illegal immigrants should be arrested and deported to their own country as quickly as possible, and none of them should receive amnesty. Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants announces to the world that no one needs to respect the laws of our country. Also, employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be heavily fined. I'm sure most citizens would support a real temporary guest worker program that does not provide an automatic path to citizenship.

Senator Jon Kyl and Congressman J.D. Hayworth both have submitted plans to strengthen our border patrol and provide for the infrastructure needed to secure our borders. We should support these efforts to secure our safety and provide for our financial relief.

Don Castleman, Payson

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