Laud For Man Taking Responsibility For His Actions



Rigoberto Arrazola made a mistake when he chose to drink and drive and because of his actions three people were killed and a family was forever changed. Arrazola is very much like the man who chose to drink and drive and who killed my brother by his actions. The difference is that Arrazola had the integrity and strength to own up to his responsibility and to accept punishment for his actions, thus saving the family the anguish and heartache of going through a trial. The man who killed my brother didn't have the decency that Arrazola has and consequently my family had to endure a trial.

Arrazola's family should be proud of him for taking responsibility for his actions, something that is not done enough in these times.

I do not condone Arrazola's drinking and driving, but I do applaud him for the courage it took to own up to his actions.

Marcia Daniels, Payson

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