Novelist Feels Born In Wrong Century



There are some very talented people living in Christopher Creek. Over the next couple of months I am going to introduce you to some of them. Some of them have accomplished things you and I will never do over our lifetime. Take Marsha Ward, for instance. She has written three novels and is in the process of writing two more. I got to sit down with Marsha and talk about how this all came about.

Marsha has lived in Christopher Creek full-time since May 2005. Before that, she lived here part-time for four years. "The Man from Shenandoah" is her first novel. It took place after the Civil War and is about a family's trek from Virginia to Colorado. Her second novel is "Ride to Raton." It tells of a family member who leaves for adventure.


Christopher Creek resident Marsha Ward has written three novels. The first, titled "The Man from Shenandoah," takes place after the Civil War and is about a family's trek from Virginia to Colorado.

Marsha said everyone who reads this book will love it. She had a 12-year-old say it was great and a 95-year-old who read it, put it down and said, "That was fun." She is currently working on a third to this series, which should be published late this year. The third book will be called "Trail of Storms."

She has also written two nonfiction books titled "How to Write" and "How to get Published."

Marsha said she has been writing all her life and commercially since 1985. She said she has always loved history. That passion, she said, has a lot to do with her father, who was born in the 1900s -- a Mexican Colonist who lived on a large ranch and told stories of adventures as she was growing up.

Marsha seems to think she was born in the wrong century (except for the fact that she loves her computer) and has a lot of empathy for those born in the 1800s. I guess you could say she had a lot of curiosity about it, being she read over 150 books for her research.

Another book she is currently working on is a romantic mystery that will be set in the 1890s in the Rim Country. I am looking forward to that one. Marsha is also part owner of Homespun Memories Scrapbook Store and More, located at 408 W. Main St. in Payson. Her store is the place to go if you like to scrapbook or if you just want a clean uplifting novel.

You can pick up one of Marsha's books there or also go to to order one. Marsha is a very talented soft-spoken lady who I had the pleasure to meet.

Fire danger

Fire Chief Ray Larsen of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department warns that everyone needs to realize we are in a dangerous fire season already. Please NO Burning at this time. This is a very serious situation.

Fire restrictions have been imposed for the Tonto National Forest. No campfires, no charcoal fires, no use of chain saws and no discharging of firearms. Chief Larsen suggests, "Start preparing your properties for a serious fire season by immediately removing fuels (brush, needles, trees) from around your structures."

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