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Q: I noticed that some clubs get photos published on the Organizations page and some don't. What is the procedure to get a photo published for our club events?

A: Payson is fortunate to have a large number of civic clubs that serve the community. We publish our clubs and organizations notices each week in an effort to keep our readers informed about the many opportunities to get involved. If you have a significant club event, it's a good idea to assign someone in your group to shoot a photo. Photos can be submitted via e-mail to editor@payson.com. We need the photos to be of good quality so they can be printed, but not all photos will be published.

You may also bring a film print of the photo into the newspaper to be scanned. Include names of those in the photo and any other pertinent information to your organization and event.

For more information, call Autumn Phillips at (928) 474-5251, ext. 115.

Call 474-5251, ext. 147, to reach Roundup's What's Up? line. Leave your question on the answering machine and we'll try to find the answer.

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