Bow And Arrows Now Illegal In Town Parks


It is now illegal to discharge bows and arrows, crossbows, pellet guns, BB guns, paint ball guns and similar weapons in municipal parks.

The original ordinance presented to the town council on Feb. 23 only prohibited bows and crossbows, but the one passed by council Thursday evening was broadened by the town's legal department to include the additional weapons.

Another provision added to the ordinance allows groups such as the Boy Scouts to hold activities in the parks using the banned weapons, with prior written approval from the Parks and Recreation director. Several Boy Scout leaders and scouts attended the meeting to express their concerns, but were satisfied after Parks Director Bill Schwind addressed the issue.

In urging the council to adopt the ordinance, Town Attorney Sam Streichman displayed an arrow found in Green Valley Park.

"It has three razor blade tips with a central tip and we encourage the adoption of this ordinance because this sort of a weapon is fine in its place and for its proper uses, but it shouldn't be in a park where children can come upon it," Streichman said.

The measure was initiated after a goose was shot through the head with an arrow in Green Valley Park last month.

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