First Amendment Does Not Protect Libelous Statements



Mr. Al Poskanzer has written a Letter to the Editor in support of Bob Edwards for mayor. He also writes frequently on the Roundup's Internet message board on this same subject. On this message board he has on ten different occasions (as of this writing) made libelous statements toward some of the good people of this town. He has alleged bribery, misuse and manipulation of town government and conspiracy, all without a single shred of proof. In his own words, "There is nothing inappropriate about raising issues when the facts are plainly evident." (posted by Captain_Phudd (Al Poskanzer) on March 9, 2006 at 9:11)

I am sorry, sir, but that statement is false. When writing an indictment against an individual, proof is required. Your hunches and assumptions based upon your point of view are not proof, and most certainly do not justify your accusations.

The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech, it does NOT, however, protect you when you write libelous statements.

One has to wonder how close Al Poskanzer is to the Bob Edwards campaign? Are Mr. Poskanzer's libelous rantings the official "party line" of the Edwards campaign? I call upon Mr. Edwards to respond to why one of his most vocal supporters conducts himself in such a manner.

Regardless of Mr. Poskanzer's intentions and affiliations with the Edwards campaign, it is simply not right to make such accusations without proof. I must humbly ask Mr. Poskanzer to refrain from such behavior in the future and focus in on why he believes that his man is superior.

Bob O'Brien, Payson

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