Thank You For Column On Phs Coaches



As a resident of Show Low, I thank you for the boldness of publishing your article regarding the resignations, and lack of contract extensions, of many coaches at Payson High School. It is time, particularly in smaller communities, that "the public" become aware of the pressure that School Boards "succumb" to from a few "powerful and influential," dissatisfied parents.

Although unproven, I'm sure this type of "parents" use their bait of money, like their spoiled children, to get their way. Their selfishness not only hinders their own child, once that child gets into the real world, but all athletes who must adjust to different styles of coaching every season.

It is unfortunate that our towns have become focused on "me," when what most everyone desires is the feeling of "small town" and "community support" and having successful athletes.

Additionally, if coaches are "too rough" on an athlete in high school, it is because that coach is doing his or her job and is a coach who desires wins. If an athlete can't handle the gruff attitude of a coach, then perhaps the kid shouldn't be participating in that sport.

And, yes, coaches should listen to those they coach -- each and every one. But, they should never give in to the pressure of a particular parent(s).

I wish all your PHS coaches the best for their future.

Cynthia S. Barrow, Show Low

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