What's Up?


Q: What's up with the restaurants in Gila County, especially Payson. Are there no laws on waitresses' hair? So often when they are taking orders they must push their hair back with their hands or their hair is in the food if they carry trays on their shoulders. What about sorting silverware from baskets placed on the floor?

A: Complaints can be made by calling the Payson office of the Gila County Health Department at 474-1210 or may be made by filling our a form at the office at 107 W. Frontier, Suite A. According to the Health Department, complaints are passed on to the appropriate environmental engineer for follow-up.

Q: Why can't the Payson Water Department include an envelope with their monthly bill. If it is for financial reasons, then why don't they just bill every two months?

A: Billing once a month via postcard is efficient and allows cash flow to come in on a regular basis, according to town public works director Buzz Walker. It would greatly complicate the billing process because going from a computer output of a postcard to putting a bill in the mail with two envelopes would require special equipment to insert the bills.

"We just aren't big enough. We do our billing on site and our customer service building just isn't big enough to accommodate the equipment," he said.

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