Not A Good Weekend For Shorts And Flip-Flops



Christopher Creek hadn't seen any moisture since October and then we get dumped on all at once to the tune of almost four feet.

I never shoveled and fell on the ice as much as I did this last weekend. We had people coming up on Friday, showing up in short sleeves and wearing flip-flops.


When the snow came last weekend, and kept coming, visitors from the Valley wished they had brought along some warmer clothes.

When some of them arrived, I looked at them and ask if they knew where they were.

When the snow came, and kept coming, some of them had wished they had brought along some warmer clothes.

Mitchell Bolten of Tonopah was helping Doug Burkhardt from Tempe to get his truck out when his 4-wheel drive would not work. Henry Blazek and three of his friends came up for the weekend on spring break. When they realized it wasn't going to stop snowing and their van was hidden under four feet of snow, they started to think they should have gone to Mexico.

When they planned their trip to the Rim Country they were planning on eating out, but four feet of snow and a van they could not even find made that impossible. So, they decided to walk a mile to the local restaurant in the snow and without winter clothes.

I am sure it is an experience they will never forget.

A house fire

Dennis and Kelly O'Neil of Colcord lost their home to a house fire this weekend. The home was totally destroyed and because of the large amount of snowfall, emergency vehicles could not get to it. The log home sat up on top of a hill at the end of Colcord. The snow was piled up high all the way in on Colcord. Emergency vehicles headed in but got stuck. The Engine, the Water Tender and an emergency vehicle from Diamond Star -- none of them could get to this home.

When they all got stuck Dale Ashby and Electra VanEckhoutte headed out on foot. It took 45 minutes to even get close to the home because the snow was about four foot deep.

No one was in the home. They were at a neighbor's for dinner. This whole area was in emergency mode, due to the extreme snowfall. The fire departments did their best but could not fight Mother Nature. We are very thankful that no one was hurt.

Reprieve from fire danger

The recent snowfall we had has given us a small reprieve from fire danger, however, fire danger is still at "High."

Remember, the forest health has been pushed to "Extreme" since fall. The recent moisture has helped, but our forest needs a lot to recover. So, please continue to be careful with fire.

Please note that Christopher Kohl's Fire Department will no longer be issuing ADEQ Burn Permits due to additional level of effort required to administer them.

ADEQ Burn Permits are still required, and property owners will need to contact Eric Massey of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality at 1 (800) 234-5677 to obtain the application and information. A condition of the EPA permit mandates that before burning, it is your responsibility to call the local fire department for permission.


Happy Birthday to Electra Scott VanEckhoutte who will be celebrating her birthday on March 19. Electra is our mail lady and is also on the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you out there. May the Luck of the Irish be with you.

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