Think Before You Start To Complain



Hey, that was a fantastic winter storm that just blanketed Northern Arizona with several feet of snow.

But wait, just you wait, for the soon-to-be-heard, negative, doom and gloom, burn down and blow over, nay-sayers will be proclaiming.

Here are a few you've probably heard: "That didn't matter," "It was just a blip in a long-term drought," or "That moisture will just cause grass to grow then it will dry and burn."

Oh, but let's get creative, Eeyore. How about: "The extra-dry fuel on the forest floor soaked up most of the moisture and living trees didn't drink as much as you think," or "The storm came too late in the season because when temperatures are so high after precipitation, a lot of evaporation of the snowpack results and less soil percolation occurs than you might think," or "Soils that haven't received regular doses of precipitation become hydro-phobic and actually repel infrequent moisture." Yada, yada, yada.

I say it's time to cast away venomous posture and acknowledge that the Creator of Life is also our Sustainer. We have been given moisture when we needed it, even snow to play in as it simultaneously replenishes our aquifers.

Now, that is an abundant quality life we have, and I hope we can all take time to appreciate.

I recall as a young boy what my Dad helped me observe, when he was teaching me the ways of the Apache Dry-Farmers who are capable of harvesting bountiful crops of corn.

I was told to "be thankful for the rain that fell today, because tomorrow the plant can grow, and this is good."

Andy Romance, Payson

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