Workshop Offers Chance To Try New Sport -- Bowfishing



Springtime brings the fish to the shallows at Roosevelt Lake for the annual spawning. If you have been fishing in the back of coves you have probably witnessed the carp splashing the shoreline in their spawning ritual.

Well, needless to say, carp are in abundance and appear to be on the increase at Roosevelt Lake. In comparison to other fish, carp and buffalo are considered non-game or rough fish, and, in many cases, are in competition with the warm water game fish -- bass, crappies, catfish and bluegills.


Jimmy Ridge and Scott Darnell will conduct a free bowfishing seminar March 25 at The Tackle Box in Tonto Basin.

There is a growing group of sportsmen who have taken advantage of this ever-increasing carp population by taking up bowfishing.

Two avid bowfishermen, who are active in the state of Arizona, are going to share their expertise with anyone who would like to know more about bowfishing on our local warm water lakes.

Jimmy Ridge and Scott Darnell are conducting a free bowfishing seminar on the introductory basics of the sport. Both of these avid archers have competed at national level competitions and have garnered numerous honors as well as being leaders on the Arizona scene.

Their goal is to create a public awareness and to encourage outdoorsmen to join in the fun of carp bowfishing.

Not only does bowfishing give you more opportunities to shoot a bow, but the sport also assists in curbing the rough fish population on Roosevelt Lake.

Jimmy and Scott will share what equipment is needed to get started, as well as the pointers on how to successfully shoot from a platform. After the seminar, which should be about an hour and a half, there will be a hands-on experience for those who want to try their luck bowfishing on the lake.

If you are like me, this will be an outdoor adventure you won't want to miss. The seminar will begin at 9 a.m. March 25 at the Tackle Box in Tonto Basin, where two experts in bowfishing will share tips on technique and equipment.

Have a great weekend and enjoy God's creation.

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