Big Thank-You To 'Kids These Days



Kids these days.

How many times have we heard ourselves say these three words, usually for a negative reason? We are writing this to tell a little bit about what we have observed of the "kids these days."

We started an organization called The Payson Supply Line over one year ago. We send supplies to our troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan that make their lives more comfortable. Many times the items sent are a direct answer to a request we have received from military personnel or their family.

This past year we received a lot of help from many different avenues of the community, but this thank-you is directed to the "kids these days."

1. The Payson Community Kids program has collected and donated many supplies throughout this past year, and continues to do so.

2. The Community Presbyterian Child Learning Center preschool children collected and donated approximately 150 pounds of supplies.

3. Payson Cub Scout Troop #354 collected and donated over $200, along with T-shirts for our troops.

4. The Bridge Community Church Youth Group in Mesa held three different fund-raising events, collecting over $4,600 for the Payson Supply Line.

5. Kiwanis Kids collected and donated approximately 10 boxes of supplies.

6. Payson Elementary School collected and donated approximately 25 boxes of supplies, along with $100.

7. The Girl Scouts of America in Payson collected and donated over 300 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies along with some boxes of supplies for our troops.

We realize that we owe a huge thank-you to the parents, teachers, troop leaders and youth pastors who organized these events. Let us not forget, however, the people who did the footwork and labor and, yes, also learned a little something about patriotism.

A big thank-you to the "kids these days." May God richly bless you all.

Butch Klein and Lud Kaftan, Payson Supply Line

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