Bush Lies On A Regular Basis



George Bush should be removed from the presidency. Even followers who fell for his "born again" persona should be ashamed, embarrassed and angry at this man's actions. He perpetrated a criminal fraud on the American people to start a war of choice with Iraq. He condoned and encouraged torture of human beings. Such a Christian act.

He ignores law and wiretaps American citizens. He lies on a regular basis. "No one anticipated that the levees would be breached," Bush said. "No one anticipated that terrorists would use planes as weapons."

Those are bold-faced lies.

It's obvious that George Bush has always been, and remains, a very poor quality human being. It's OK for those who were fooled to admit their devastating mistake. They should have paid attention to the Chinese leader who, after meeting Bush for the first time, described him as "logically unsound, confused and unprincipled, unwise to the extreme."

Jim Kane, Pine

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