Contribution Story Headline Discouraging



The headline on your campaign contribution story "Whose money are you electing?" was unfortunately derogatory.

I think people should be encouraged to back good candidates willing to run for office. It's a tough, demanding job and frequently a thankless one. I donated to four candidates and to each I said, "I admire you, but I don't envy you."

In the end, I didn't vote for all four whose campaigns I contributed to. Instead, after attending the Candidates' Forum at Payson High School, I cast one of my council votes for Rick Croy, who was impressive, but evidently didn't receive enough donations to merit filing.

Indeed, his small campaign signs were hard to spot around town.

A few years ago, the council was so cliquish and acrimonious, it was hard to find good candidates willing to deal with the abuse.

Now, thanks to greater civility and the Town's leadership academy, we have quite a few choices. I hope that continues and I hope that more people, not less, will donate to the campaigns of people they feel will do well by the town.

Don Crowley, Payson

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