Some Adults Need To Grow Up



Some adults in the Rim Country need to grow up. There are two areas where the adults of our community need to learn the qualities that make good mature citizens.

The first area is in the athletic programs of the town and schools. Parents should let the coaches teach these young athletes the value of good sportsmanship, team play and the value of academics. And the administrators should back their coaches 100 percent without outside interference. These young people who are so used to instant gratification need to learn the value of building their skills as well as building good character. This town should not be the graveyard of these good coaches who are trying to build responsible and contributing young adults. Parents and grandparents and others who are raising these young people need to let the coaches do their work without interference. We are losing too many fine coaches who invest their time and energy trying to create young athletes with values that will stand them in good stead throughout their life.

Years ago, there were several gifted athletes who didn't suffer the consequences of their actions. These young men were rude to fellow students, teachers and coaches. They were academically just scraping by.

They were caught drinking under age, yet they were allowed to continue to play because the adults in their life raised a big stink. So, they didn't learn the valuable lessons needed to become mature, contributing adults.

The second area is election behavior. Character assassination of the candidates whose opinions are different from theirs is not acceptable.

These people need to grow up.

Also, stealing campaign signs, often from private yards, is not only illegal but juvenile behavior. Adults need to realize that debating the issues is the mature way to make their views known. Sadly, this election has been really toxic. People who are willing to spend their time and money to run for town government should be appreciated not reviled.

I challenge you, Rim Country adults, to grow up and become mature contributing members of our community. Let the candidates speak to the issues and let the coaches build character in the athletes. In the meantime, reach out and use your energy to help those less fortunate. Teach someone to read, work in a thrift shop or give your neighbor a helping hand. Those are the mature ways to help build a thriving community.

Lucy Briggs, Payson

Editor's note: This letter was shortened to fit within the 400 word limit for Letters to the Editor.

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