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Q: Why do the casino shuttles have Arizona government license plates? They are a private enterprise, aren't they?

A: The Tonto Apache Tribe is a sovereign nation with a sovereign government like the town of Payson or the county or the state," said Jerry Holland, comptroller for the Tonto Apache Tribe. "Therefore all the plates that are on any vehicles owned by the Tribe have government plates on them."

Q: Are Ross, TJ Maxx or Payless stores coming to Payson?

A: The pine cone wireless is alive and well, but rumors of a Ross Dress for Less, Payless Shoes and TJ Maxx are unfounded to the best knowledge of Tina Bruess, Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce president.

Jerry Owen, community development director with the Town of Payson, said he has not heard from representatives from any of these stores either.

However, Stage (the store that also operates Bealls), is in the process of a commercial tenant improvement in preparation for their move into a 17,901-square-foot store east of the Bashas' Shopping Center.

Stage has brand-name apparel, footwear, accessories and cosmetics for the entire family.

Q: Where in town can we dispose of hazardous materials like leftover paint, used batteries, etc?

A: Answer one: There is no place in the city limits to dispose of hazardous materials.

According to Buzz Walker, town public works director, the one collection the Payson Water Department held cost $30,000 and was funded by the Ariz. Dept. of Environmental Quality.

Answer two: Car batteries may be disposed of at the Buckhead Mesa Landfill. Household and cell phone batteries are accepted at the scale house but may not be dumped.

"We don't take any liquids at any of our landfills in this county," said Candy Brooks. "One way you can dispose of old paint is to open it, add cat litter to it and turn it into a solid. Leave the lids off so we can inspect it.

"If you have paint thinners or turpentine you need to get an old rug, you can even get one from here, and on a nice sunny day, you can pour the thinner on there, let it dry and then you can bring us the rug."

Q: It looks like Ponderosa Manor has an area for dumping cars. We have a couple of cars to get rid of. Is it open to the public?

A: "No, we do not have a car dump here. We have 28 veterans in this building and everybody has a vehicle," said Misty DeCaire, director of Veterans Helping Veterans at Ponderosa Manor. "I also provide the opportunity for those that can work on vehicles the ability work on them."

Currently, DeCaire is waiting for the title on two trucks, which she will then sell. She also has a van with clear title to sell. Anyone interested in purchasing the vehicle may contact her at 474-3920.

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