Artist Lives In Swirling World Of Color



There are several talented residents living in the Christopher Creek area, but none that can surpass Marilyn Salomon. I was totally amazed at her talent. Marilyn studied the art of batik with her cousin Miriam Ariav, a prominent batik teacher in Israel. Her batiks are created by using an ancient, traditional Indonesian process of drawing with hot wax and then dying the fabric.

She works primarily on China silk. The finish of the material enhances the intricacy of her batiks.


Marilyn Salomon will show her batiks on the Payson Art League Studio Tour May 5, 6 and 7.

She uses a tool from Java called the tjanting to draw with the hot wax. This tool allows her to achieve intricate detail.

Her batiks are created by drawing an image with hot wax and then dying the fabric. Her pieces may contain from 10 to 25 separate dye baths. One of the techniques she has developed involves a multi-level presentation, creating a three dimensional effect.

Marilyn was inspired by a friend of twenty years, a medicine man from Pinion, Robert Johnson, and his brother Johnson Yazzie who is also an artist.

Marilyn has been doing this type of art for 35 years and she said it has been an amazing journey for her. She said the world of batik is a magical, humbling one, where her path is strewn with colors, swirling, crackling patterns, and astonishing intricacy. She said it is an intriguing, captivating world, never predictable.

All of Marilyn's original batiks are one of a kind.

Her prints are signed and numbered and range from $25 to $895. Her original batiks on silk range from $650 to $10,000. If you would like to know more about Marilyn's beautiful work, you can e-mail her at Marilyn will be doing a show on April 1 in Tucson at the Stone Art Gallery with artists from all over the world. She will also be doing the Payson Art League Studio Tour on May 5, 6 and 7.

She has been married to her husband Chuck for 25 years. She said that he is an integral part of her business. He makes her frames and helps her set up, and is always there for her.

Chuck is studying to be a doctor of natural medicine. They have lived here since 1999. She said twenty years ago Chuck drew their dream home on a napkin. They moved here and built that home in a place where they could enjoy the Tonto National Forest and the beauty surrounding it.

In February 2002, Marilyn was invited to exhibit her batik work at an international batik exhibition in Hanover, Germany. She was honored to be selected for the special Millennium edition of "Who's Who in American Women," as well as "Who's Who in America 2002," and "Who's Who in the World, 2003."

Her work is published in "Batik for Artists and Quilters," by Eloise Piper.

I, on the other hand, got to know Marilyn by being a neighbor and knowing her as a friend. I knew Marilyn made art but never knew just how talented she was until I got to sit down with her and see her work. I also learned just how long it takes to make a wonderful piece of art.

Marilyn is an inspiration to all women and someone I am proud to call a friend.

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