Mr. Henley Focused On Details Not Big Picture



I want to respond to Councilor Robert Henley's letter to you dated Feb. 10. Mr. Henley chastises Mr. Poskanzer for what he characterizes as a "blatant misstatement of fact."

As a private citizen of Payson, I am not privy to all the details of the contract, but, nonetheless it is clear that Mr. Henley has completely missed the point Mr. Poskanzer has articulated, which is the fact that the council has committed the expenditure of three-quarters of a million dollars of our money when this was totally unnecessary.

The council could just as easily have said "no," forcing Horton and his associates to pay for the pipeline themselves. The fact is that Mr. Horton has no choice but to lay that pipe as he needs this water in order to build his developments.

As for the excess 130 gph that Mr. Henley says Horton did not purchase, it remains to be seen whether that flow will actually be there when the pipeline is done. The Town should simply have waited to purchase that water at that time, should it be needed.

This has caused the council to literally throw away $750,000 of the taxpayers' money.

In his letter, Mr. Henley, focusing on details instead of the bigger picture, clearly demonstrates that he does not appreciate the magnitude of this blunder.

If that wasn't bad enough, under Mr. Henley's and Mayor Brewer's "leadership," they had to go out and find a lawyer to oppose a petition from the very people they were elected to serve and then make us pay for that lawyer to boot.

The council's eagerness to kowtow to the developers has blinded them to the realities of what they are doing and that is extremely unfortunate. It is decisions and errors in judgment like this that should disqualify Henley and Brewer from re-election. Indeed, if they were in the private sector and committed such a blunder and behaved this way, they would certainly be dismissed, and that is what we, the voters, must do in this election.

Linda May, Payson

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