The Voters Have Spoken



The primary ballots have been cast and they have been counted. The results firmly show that the people have been unhappy. The results show that Bob Edwards received 2,456 votes compared to the incumbent, Barbara Brewer's, total of 1,390 votes. Jon Barber followed closely with 1,256 votes.

Although short of the 50 percent (needed to sweep the election without going onto the major election), Edwards' vote total sends a message.

Additionally among the council candidates, Ed Blair, Bob Edwards' running mate, was the top vote-getter with 2,438 votes, while incumbent councilman Robert Henley received the second least number of votes with only 1,423 votes, which also sends a loud message from the people.

The only explanation offered to date came from Mayor Brewer when she announced that she has a "new plan" that she thinks will please everyone. Her previous campaign (as well as Mr. Henley's) focused on the job they had already done. The ballot results indicate the people want change.

With the above in mind, wouldn't it be prudent that the council postpone, and/or table any action with regard to Resolution 2098 and the purchase of water from the R&H well in Star Valley?

Without question, water has been the most contentious issue in this election. What would be the problem of waiting a couple months to allow the new council to be sworn in? Don't burden the new council with a decision made by an outgoing "lame duck" council. The members voted out are the members the people wanted out, and the people receiving the highest number of votes are the members the people want in.

Allowing the new council to make this decision in effect lets the people make the decision. It also avoids Payson being obligated for a $750,000 payment for water that they may never get, in addition to avoiding issuing ERUs to build homes that may not have sufficient water.

Snow notwithstanding, we are in a drought. Our water supply will get worse. I believe we should strive to make living in Payson better for those who are already here.

Right now we are staring down strict water restrictions and rationing. Do you really want to live your life that way so that more homes can be built, bringing more people to share the water?

This is not about "no growth." It's about controlled, prudent growth.

Greg Mulligan, Payson

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